12.09.2023  covers iPhone notch and dynamic island, redesigned virtual joystick and keyboard mappings

the screen space around the notch and the dynamic island on modern iPhones is perfectly usable now.

redesigned the virtual touch joystick with various different selectable types and a configurable deadzone.

define your own custom key board mappings even for non Commodore 64 keys Meta+R => Runstop, Alt+J => swap joystick ports, Alt+S save snapshot

31.07.2023   wake lock and fullscreen feature

added a setting to prevent dimming or auto off on supported browsers... very useful for viewing demos

added a fullscreen button to the menu bar on supported browsers

15.07.2023  more csdb chart entries and .prg file bug fix

added a setting to increase the number of scene browser entries for each chart category.

fixed a bug when mounting .prg files which contained basic programs (#188)

24.02.2023  various bugfixes and browser requirements

sending app to background and re-entering will reset keyboard buffer.

fixed certain key combinations which did not work properly on desktop browsers

fixed a integer overflow by linking with BIGINT support. The minimum browser requirement is now Chrome 68, FF 68 and Safari on iOS 14

20.09.2022  floppy drive sounds and track display

vc64web makes the 1541 sound when the floppy head moves on... the current track number of the floppy drive is shown in the HUD

16.05.2022  virtual keyboard update

the virtual keyboard forwards now the exact duration of a key press to the C64 (before duration was a fixed value of 100ms) ... thanks to this games which rely on long keyboard presses like flight simulation "FighterPilot" do work now using solely the virtual keyboard ... the duration of the key press is animated with a nice background white LED glow effect

technically spoken the virtual keyboard has been freed from default gestures which were often conflicting (e.g. text selection, drag and drop, context menu popup gesture)

on touch screens the virtual keyboard has got the following three different touch implementations which can be selected in the settings dialog.

exact timing autorepeat and simultaneous keycap presses (disables default scroll gestures on keycaps, scroll gesture possible only on gaps around the keys)
smartphone like native scroll gestures on keycaps (press starts after finger is lifted from keycap for a duration of 100ms)
mix of both tries to mix both worlds... i.e. exact timing and simultaneous presses but also scrolls keyboard when swiping the finger on keycaps. disadvantage: also does a keypress when only scrolling was intended

07.04.2022  vc64web can now share its snapshots

in snapshot gallery you can now export individual snapshots by clicking the export button in the right bottom corner and transfer them to another device. E.g. start to play on iPhone and continue the game on a desktop computer. Or you could send them to a friend ...

24.12.2021  vc64web got petscii keyboard

vc64web got a nice virtual petscii keyboard in its latest update

26.5.2021  vc64web moved to a new address

update your existing installation on your phones homescreen by deleting the installation from the old address and re-add from

25.5.2021  vc64web with new version 4.2 emulator core

this version brings more speed efficiency and awesome compatibility

31.3.2021  vc64web on your own webpage

see tutorial ...

5.2.2021  New web site in place

find features and showcases on the about page

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